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Books of Poetry:

Hengameh Fouladvand has four volumes of poetry, available for purchase (click here to email for order inquiries). See descriptions below.

A Handful of Violets, a collection of poetry in Farsi by Hengameh Fouladvand
ISBN#: 9781637601051

Description: A Handful of Violets by Hengameh Fouladvand is a collection of poetry in Farsi, the voice of her language. It is a book of new meanings and imaginative mental spaces that negates classified definitions of familiar forms, content, and structures of Persian poetry.
A Handful of Violets, a collection of poetry by Hengameh Fouladvand celebrates imagination in concept making. The Persian reader is transformed by words and is offered a fresh new view of Persian poetry, grammar, and tradition. As the meanings and concepts become unpredictable, the mind accelerates and flies to imaginary spaces and untraveled places. In Fouladvandís poetry, similar to her paintings, a trace of intensity, a footprint of subject, an abstracted form, an indirect line of thought, theory or a worldview - with the least amount of suggestion - is usually sufficient. In her introduction, Fouladvand writes that a work as bright as the daylight leaves no room for imagination and inevitably tires the mind. The collection is divided into two parts. The early poems are more focused on mystical and spiritual concepts, while the second section is more casual and delves into familiar topics. In all, Fouladvand is embracing lifeís journey with passion and creativity.

Age of Dust, a collection of poetry in Farsi by Hengameh Fouladvand
ISBN#: 9781637601099

Description:  Age of Dust by Hengameh Fouladvand, written in Farsi, with a back paragraph by Bahman Maghsoudlou, is focused on a bold and colorful poetic language that freely indulges in a playful, teasing, and deconstructive journey of words. 
Hengameh Fouladvandís collection of poetry, Age of Dust, is about contemporary Iranian culture and mood. Her poetry points to new intellectual horizons and opens conceptual spaces to express various emotions and experiences. As a poetic experience, ďAge of Dust" is focused on a distinct language embraced by irony, which sometimes has a sharp humor. The rhythm of poems comes slowly and flies with the images. Fouladvandís goal is often only a suggestion rather than offering clarity and conclusion, reflecting how our inner world expresses abstract feeling and painful reality in fresh ways. The poems are meant to allow different readings, so that the reader becomes a maker of words and creator of concepts. Fouladvandís goal is to create meaning by humor and wordplay in order to find moments of balance between simplicity and complexity, clarity and abstraction, improvisation and thoughtful intent, all in order to communicate a personal experience alongside one that is universal.

Ur, a collection of poetry in Farsi by Hengameh Fouladvand
ISBN#: 9781637601129

Description: Hengameh Fouladvandís Persian Poetry collection, Book of Ur, like her paintings, is multi layered. With a thought-provoking foreword by Mohamad Amiryarahmadi, these poems are about unconventional views, focusing on performative aspects of poetry and emphasizing lifeís theatricality and turbulence.
Book of Ur by Hengameh Fouladvand is about both the trivial and the multifaceted parts of life. Her poetry mixes pain with humor and celebrates bitter irony. Language of Book of Ur is about fresh meanings-and meanings are nothing but a stream of pre-conceptions and narratives. Fouladvandís emphasis in this collection is on the transfer and transformation of concepts for ultimately creating new mental relationships, and inviting the reader's participation in the construction of meaning. The effect is a tension between rationality and passion. By dividing the lines, asking unanswered questions, postponing and repeating, often the form of the poem becomes more interesting than its meaning. Poems of Book of Ur are not written according to a classical Persian structure, and are not bound by tradition. The poems move quickly with changing rhythms and are an expression of a mind that is always amazed by new ideas and scenes. As a result, the Book of Ur is lively, sometimes sarcastic and often theatrical.

Sparks, a collection of poetry in Farsi by Hengameh Fouladvand
ISBN#: 9781637601143

Description: Sparks, a collection of poetry in Farsi by Hengameh Fouladvand with an eloquent foreword by Abouzar Karimi, is unique in inviting us to a fascinating world of meanings full of vibrant texture. It is a world celebrated by visualizing inflammatory and shocking images, expressed by simple metaphors and complicated concepts.
The poems in Sparks by Hengameh Fouladvand, like Fouladvandís other collections, are playful and seem carefree. They come accidentally, yet on closer inspection are serious and full of purpose. The language of Sparks may seem humorous, simple, romantic, mysterious or even coincidental, but like Fouladvandís visual works, there is a multi-layered, internal discipline that changes with various images and makes the audience think about shared feelings and life choices - complicated meanings being intertwined in the fabric of the works - even if at times, the lines seem abstract.
The collection of ďSparksĒ consists of poems that are reminiscent of a unique turbulent energy. It is in fact a reaction to the constraint and intentionality of traditional poetry; a rebellion against the yoke of reason and logic of traditional Persian language. Poems often refuse to point to clarity and conclusions and are based on the negation of old rules. Although the collection is geared towards deconstruction and violation of classical principles, hidden behind the technique is the intent to create a fresh and mystical world, where the mind is inflamed by imagination and avoids stagnation.

Scholarly Contributions:

2016: Hengameh Fouladvand had a presentation at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC in Sept 15, 2016. The panel was chaired and moderated by Barbara Slavin, Acting Director of Future of Iran Initiative. Title: GRAPHIC DESIGN AND IRANíS CONTEMPORARY ART SCENE

2015: Profile/Interview:  "Contemporary Iranian Art: From the Street to the Studio" Talinn Grigor

2015: Fouladvand wrote the foreword to a Persian language edition of the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas' works, translated by Gholamreza Sarraf. Link:

August 2014:  Hengameh Fouladvand completed an entry on Faramarz Pilaram for Encyclopedia Iranica.
The article can be accessed here:

August 2014:  Hengameh Fouladvand contributed an entry on Mansoureh Hosseini for Encyclopedia Iranica.

Oct 25 2013: Hengameh Fouladvand completed an entry on Behjat Sadr for the Encyclopedia Iranica. Sadr was a modernist trendsetter, influential in development of the Iranian modern art movement. Click here to view

2013: Hengameh Fouladvand presented at AMCA Conference at NYU's Kevorkian Center on Sat Oct 19, 2013. The title of her paper is The Problem of the Modern in Iran: Issues of Plagiarism and Authenticity in Early Modern Art of Iran: "Judgment for the Public" as Visual Art Criticism. Click the poster for a larger version.

Hengameh Fouladvand was chair of a panel at the 47th Annual Meeting of Middle East Studies Association (MESA Conference) on Oct 12, 2013. The panel was titled: "Moving Pictures of Self and Other in Middle Eastern Cinema".

2012: Hengameh Fouladvand wrote the following entries for the Encyclopedia Iranica (EIr):

2012: Fouladvand presented the following research: "The Role of Literary Writers in the Emergence of Modern Visual Art Criticism in Iran: The Case of First Modern Artists and Print Media".

2012: Fouladvand presented at the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting in Denver. Panel Title: Perspectives on Iran Across Time

December 2-4 2011: The Middle East Studies Association (MESA) 45th Annual Meeting. Chair of two panels, Urbanism and Urbanization in the Middle East, and Popular Culture in the Contemporary Middle East.

"Cultivating a New Identity", is published in Amidst Shadow and Light: Contemporary Iranian Art and Artists, Edited by Hamid Keshmirshekan, Liaoning Creative Press, 2011 Link.

"Conceptual Sensibilities: The Photo Media Art of Nasser Palangi" (condensed article), published in Art Tomorrow , Spring 2011. Link.

Fouladvand's work is included in Contemporary Iranian Arts and Visual Culture: Kitsch, Avant-garde, and Exile, (London: Reaktion Books) chapter 3: The Exile, Illustration #115, by Talinn Grigor of Brandise University, 2011

Hengameh Fouladvand's research paper about Mohammad Ehsai is cited in Voices of Authority; Locating the Modern in Islamic Arts, Getty Museum and Research Institute Journal # 3 page. 149, by Professor Susan Babaie, 2011

December 2010: Fouladvand's "Moshti Banafsheh" is published in the 77th issue of Bukhara Quarterly, (13th year)

November 2010: Fouladvand was Chair at MESA Middle East Studies Association 2010 Annual Meeting , San Diego, CA. The Panel was titled Iranian Urban History, held on November 19, 2010.

November 2009: Fouladvand was Chair and Presenter at Middle East Studies Association Session "Mysticism in the Modern World" (MESA 09 Annual Meeting, Boston, November 21-24) Presentation Title: Mohammad Ehsai's Spiritual Expressions: An Exploration in Calligraphic Form and Content.

August 2008: Fouladvand guest curated ArteEast Online's Virtual Gallery exhibit of Iranian artist Mohammad Ehsai. She was responsible for conceptualizing the exhibit, selecting the images along with historical text. For more information visit

November 2008: Attended as Chair of a panel titled Music, Experience and Identity at MESA 2008.

"Iranian Visual Art: Trends and Development, Exhibitions, Art of Diaspora" in Encyclopedia Iran Today, co-edited by Professor Dorraj and Kamrava, Greenwood Press, 2008. Link to Amazon Page

November 2007: Attended as Chair of the "Architecture and the Urban Landscape" panel at Mesa's 41st annual meeting in Montreal.

2005: Fouladvand was invited to present at Oxford University. BBC Persia Link:

2005: "Cultivating A New Identity: A Self-referential Experience for Iranian-American Artists" Published in the book "Amidst Shadow and Light: Contemporary Iranian Art and Artists" edited by Hamid Keshmirshekan

Ethnicity As Spectacle: Effacing the Iranian Cultural Contour through Visual Arts. Tavoos Quarterly, No. 8

Major Exhibitions:

2011: Encyclopaedia Iranica Exhibition of Iranian Art, Leila Heller Gallery, New York
2007 Center for Iranian Modern Art, New York, (solo)
2004 CIMA, New York, (Solo)
2002 Celebrations at Center for Iranian Modern Art, New York, (Solo)
2000: La Maison Française, Columbia University, New York City
1999: Galerie Gora, Montreal, Canada (SOLO)
Lindenberg Gallery, New York City (SOLO)
Guild Hall Museum, East Hampton
Mills Pond House, St. James
1998: Center For Iranian Modern Arts, New York City
1997: Islip McArthur Airport, Terminal Building, Long Island (SOLO)
1996: Workshop/Presentation, Columbia University, NY
1995: Hecksher Museum, Long Island Artists
1994: Fleet Bank Corporate Headquarters, Melville (SOLO)
East River Savings Bank, Long Island (SOLO)
1993: Hecksher Museum
1992: B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington, NY (SOLO)
MDC Design, New York City
Mills Pond House, St. James
1991: Isis Gallery, Manhasset, NY
NorthPort Gallery, NY
Huntington Arts Council, NY (SOLO)
Port Washington Public Library, NY (SOLO)
1990: Srathmore Arts Center, MD
B. J Spoke Gallery, Huntington (SOLO)
C.W. Post, Long Island University
Center for Iranian Studies, Columbia University, NY
Huntington Art League, NY (SOLO)
Mills Pond House, St. James
Sherkat Gallery, East Village, New York City
Sixth Sense Gallery, New York City (SOLO)
Sixth Sense Gallery, East Village, NYC (FIRST SOLO in New York City)

Profiled by: Voice of America, Radio Farda, the 1988 New York Art Review, Artnews, Suffolk Life, Newsday, Long Islander, Kelk (Bukhara), Gardoun, Doniya-e-Sokhan, Payvand: Montreal, Kayhan: London,, Tavoos Quarterly, 3PANJ - Persian literary magazine, Contemporary Iranian Art: Talinn Grigor and the Atlantic, BBC Persian , isna, Farsnews, Madomeh, Rouznameh Shargh, Balatarin, Honarefarda, Pixel.Ir, Aftabonline, Parsinews.


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