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Hengameh Fouladvand is an Iranian-American artist/scholar living in New York. Fouladvand received her Masterís degree from California State University concentrating on Urban Design.

She has been a member of the Editorial Board of Tavoos Bilingual Quarterly, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Middle East Studies Association (MESA) and AMCA, the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Iran and Turkey. Fouladvand was previously the Executive Director of Center For Iranian Modern Arts, an organization geared to promote Iranian-American contemporary arts based in New York.

As a well known Iranian American artist her canvases hang in many corporate & private collections. Fouladvand has earned her reputation as an inventive artist whose paintings are based on multi-cultural experiences and memories that cross the boundary between representation and abstraction. Using her teachings in urban design and sociology she started her New York series of work dealing with the marks left behind on the psyche, of experiences that can only be expressed with a visual language. Coming from an ancient traditional society that had gone through revolution, turbulence, and war, much of her work reflected such sensibilities. She became interested in how mysticism and spirituality, with elements of western art, can create a visual dialogue between the heart and the mind.

  Fouladvand has organized and written about many stimulating visual arts exhibits, art lectures, workshops, and educational seminars. Through the years Fouladvand has chaired many scholarly panels and presented at several professional academic organizations.

  Fouladvandís artwork, combined with her involvement in the Center for Iranian Modern Arts, enabled her to implement cutting-edge programs targeting youth and second generation Iranian-Americans, building a bridge between the two cultures and emphasizing a constant multi-cultural dialogue.

She has written numerous major articles and contributed entries on Iranian modern art to many reference works, including Encyclopedia Iranica, Encyclopaedia Iran today, Tavoos Quarterly and Arteast.

Fouladvandís artwork has been in numerous solo and group shows, and her scholarly work is profiled in many publications.







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